Flash Fiction


I only went to church as an obligation.


I sat in my stiff white shirt and stroked the black tie Mama insisted I wore, “It’s the Lord’s day, you have to look your best,” she’d said placing the tie on my left shoulder. She’d always found time to wash my clothes, starch them and make sure I was well dressed. At twenty-two, I owed my clean appearance to her.

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Let’s go fishing.

I’d decided to meet him here for drinks after bumping into him at the mall. He still had his swag, maybe more, and I envied him. He was still my friend.

‘So, Jason, How’s it been with you?’ he said after drinking deeply from his mug. ‘You had everything worked out after high school.’

I looked at him and smiled in retrospect. Dave had got a scholarship right after high school to become a marine biologist while I ended up fishing. Currently, he looked more like a country singer than a biologist to me.

‘I couldn’t go to college,’ I said, stroking my short beard. ‘No funds and I couldn’t borrow more. So, I took up the family business.’ The band struck up a familiar tune. Jason looked at me and smiled.

‘Well, old Dave, I am leaving marine study and going fishing. Perhaps we could help each other. I need a partner who knows the business,’ he said cradling his brown hat which sat on the table beside his drink like a dear pet. ‘After all, you’ve spent the last fifteen years building a fishing empire.’

My drink tasted better as I emptied the mug; ‘Then you are just an answer to prayers, old boy.’ I’d decided to export. Maybe we both had good things going even though we thought it went better for the other person. I offered my hand to him, ‘then let’s go fishing.’


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