Practical Lesson with God: the Lesson.

So, from the story of how I learnt to drive, I practically discovered that a skill or behaviour is learnt by performing it over time. This is how we have all learnt so many behaviours like walking, talking, reading, playing the guitar and any other one you can think of with consistent and diligent practice of the said skill.

The Bible says in John 5:19 that Jesus did all He saw the Father do and He did nothing except He saw the Father do it. So, relating that with the story I just told, it was a habit of Jesus to do everything God did.

Jenn and Brian Johnson’s song Where you go I go is a personal statement probably sung by Jesus, if that were possible, about His decision to do EVERYTHING God did. So, His life on earth was the life God lived in heaven. The Bible shows that he grew up in the spirit (Luke 1:80; Luke 2:40) till God publicly expressed pleasure in Him (Matt 3:17; Matt 17: 5 and 2Pet 1:17). It might amaze you to discover that just as it took me two long weeks to pass the learner’s test,  Jesus’ growing into maturity did not happen as fast as we thought. He grew up into maturity over a period of thirty years! 

This life process (of growth) Jesus went through was also an effort of God to make sure there was a man that walked this earth and for the first thirty years of His life, doing the same thing: He continually did God’s will (John 5:19). And all that was done to get ready for a ministry of three years!

He had learnt to do what God wants, not for a month but a month of years! In pleasing God, Jesus did the same thing till He became the one thing: He became the Father’s will!

I said this to draw attention to the fact that getting the best of God is something given to us when we are willing, ready and diligent. It is a principle God not only put in the scriptures but also in the human body and reasoning as a token. We should be willing to pay attention to the way we stay with Him, be ready to listen to Him and diligently see the way He does His doings. Faith is said to come and come again (Rom 10:17) because He makes sure there is a repetition of actions so that we can observe Him and learn from Him. Once does He speak, twice are we expected to hear (Ps 62:11) because he expects us to stay on with Him. And God honours His Word (Matt 5:18). 

So, because a Man was given to do these things and served as a testimony that it was possible to please God and be in His will, always, to do otherwise or less is in itself a robbery and judgment.  It is also saying that Christ’s work was not enough, which is a lie. So, what is asked of us to do now is to awake and rise up to doing “God” diligently. By so doing, consistently following and obeying Him becomes our mainstay as we steadily look upon Him to bask in the beauty and drink of the sweetness that come from there. 

I will, we will!