From Me to You: The Father’s Heart. 

Omo mi,

You have set aside today to appreciate Fathers and so I am taking this opportunity to reach and share a few things with you to remind you of some more.

I love you, Son. You should know that but I have always known that I have to keep saying that to you. And I will. Not because I stopped but because you need the reminder. Love is who I am and it’s from this reality that I have you. So, don’t stop basking in this reality.

At your birth, I gave you My Blood, My Name,  My Home and every other thing I have. You don’t have to struggle to have or keep these. They are all yours. I see many of your brothers and sisters asking me earnestly to make them worthy of them but, come on, Child, all these things have been yours (and every child of mine) since I had you and that does not change because I do not change!

You’re on earth, I know. And I also know that sometimes you wonder why I kept you there. Well, I did that on purpose to preserve and protect the earth. You see, I do not want those on earth to live blindly, foolishly and eventually perish. So, you’re there, dear child, to be salt and light. Remember that when you get tempted to come over. When your work is done, you will leave. But for now, just keep up the wonderful work.

Son, as you started to grow up, you went through a few hard times. Especially when I saw that you were approaching maturity. All those experiences were to prepare you for maturity and fatherhood. You see, it’s inevitable for you to be like me. That’s your lot and inheritance. I am prepared to help you get in shape for this responsibility. Just go through it all constantly remembering that I am there with you. Focus on what I am to you and what I am making you into.

You, your brothers and sisters all around are bound by a common denominator -My love. I “shared it within” you by the Spirit in Me which you all inherited. Keep that bond. See everyone as they are: your family. Some of you are ignorant and some have strayed but you all, everyone, are within my heart. The love I have for you all is not different, it’s the same! So, treat everyone accordingly and endeavor to pay all you perpetually owe everyone: Love.

As you move through life, I have provided for your journey. And every need has been supplied. So, don’t worry. Also, take no thought for your life because it is Mine already. Let Me live it through you.

Child, as I said earlier, you should hear this more than once: you are loved!

This is just an abridged letter. My Love Note is with you. Read it.


Much love,

I am, your Father.


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