​Some things I wish I knew when I was younger.

Sometimes this week, God added another year to my life and for this I am so grateful. I am not just happy that I am getting closer to being a senior citizen but I am happy that with every breaking dawn, another opportunity is given me by God to become more like Him and further represent him. I look back over the years, how short it has been and I see so many mistakes I had made and pitfalls I’d fallen into. But I am so blessed to see more than that. I see the victories and the triumphs. And for this, my heart is exultant and joyous. I am so blessed!
However, there are a few things I wished my younger-self knew and paid attention to as I grew up. I am coming to know with each passing moment that the slip-ups and blunders are not to my destruction but to my rising. As Chingtok Ishaku once said “Every other day before the Day is in preparation for the Day and thus, not in vain. The time spent in waiting is a worthy time adding up to our accuracy. In little mistakes, we might learn that solid food is for the mature that by the reason of use have their senses made accurate.  God doesn’t discard our mistakes but uses them to teach us maturity. At the day of the Lord, ONLY mature men will stand with Him.” But if I had the opportunity to engage my younger-self and share a few life lessons with him, here are a few things I’d have loved Will Remi to know when he was younger. I have found out that these lessons are vital for everyone.

1. As much as your earthly father loves and adores you, he is an earthly representation of the real Father: God. So, trust God; He is your Father. Chris Tomlin’s song Good Good Father is a song that describes this relationship. He is perfect and just. And He deeply loves you. Jesus said earthly fathers attempt not to default in performing their duties in providing for their children and so, God, who is much more the heavenly Father makes good of His Fatherhood and looks out for His own (Matt. 7:9). So, surrender without caution to Him. Chris Delvan’s song, Guiding Me Safely paints a vivid picture of how God sees his children and guides them in the Way.

2. Salvation (of the spirit) is where our walk with God attains a significant start in the life-long process of salvation (of the soul). The words of Jesus Christ in Luke 21:19 say “by patience, possess ye your souls. (KJV) So, be patient. It is the only way that wants can be sufficiently met. “But let the patience have its perfect work and make you perfect that you may be perfect and complete wanting nothing.” James 1:4 (KJV). The Bible further says that it is only by patience that God’s promises can be inherited (Heb. 2:12). And, trust me, if you know the promises, you will do everything to get them: they are always good! (Jer. 29:11)

3. Have you ever wondered why God did not take us up to heaven immediately we got born again? I have. In fact, I have attempted to “rapture” myself from this sinful world severally by closing my eyes and jumping up! But I remained here, in the world. Why? Because the world is the game turf; the arena on which I compete as an athlete (1Cor.9:24). It is also the battle ground on which I am not concerned with civilian affairs but with pleasing my commanding officer (2Tim.2:4). And all the people we meet and interact with are actually what make up the world. Jesus prayed in the Garden that we should not be taken from the world but be kept from the evil in the world (John 17:15). So, as God has His own people in the world too, take advantage of godly relationships around you. God places solitaries in families (Ps 68:6). The families are not just the physical ones but also the spiritual ones: people that share the same Blood with you, so, take advantage of the good relationships around you. God placed them there to keep you safe. As my pastor Busuyi Olabode of Eternal Life Embassy  says, “The essence of the light is to guide our walk. Don’t hedge corruption… expose it, let light shine on it.” Do not run from the light, run towards it.

4. O’Tunmise Ajani’s song, Jolly (Safe in His Hands) always reminds me that I am safe in His hands. So, do not fear; He’s got you. He sings over you songs of love and deliverance and holds you within the hollows of His hands, cradling you to his chest. Fear, as I said in Conversations with Jeff, most times is the default reaction we have to life. But He has rather given us the spirit of power, love and sound mind (2Tim 1:7). God’s word severally states in simple terms “do not fear”.

5. Live every day with a decision to live with and for God. As Hillsong Y&F’s This is Living always suggests to me, God is colorful, spontaneous, deliberate and a lot of fun. Be ready for adventure with God; He is not boring. The Psalmist says He owns cattle on a thousand hills(Psalm 50:10). Most people use that verse to describe God’s riches but I also from this see Him as a rancher. And doesn’t that thought greatly suggest adventure!

6. LivelyMusic sang in their 2013 album, I Believe “Truth has taken its turn over evil…we now sing ‘salvation to our God’.” Jesus came to set the work of truth in motion and by that He abolished the Law that had hitherto ruled tyrannically and its default condemnation (John 1:17).So, no matter what happens, truth prevails always! This is not just about a disagreement or an argument. But also about how and what you think and intend to do. Truth has a way of coming out as the standard of reasoning and of life.

These points have come to be cardinal points in my life processes and I wish I had knew them when I was younger. It is better late than never, they say, and as much as I would recommend this to the younger me, in the same breath, I commend it to me presently and those who believe God did all He did in Christ thinking particularly about them.


34 thoughts on “​Some things I wish I knew when I was younger.

  1. Beautiful write up Will! I love the Good Good Father song by Chris Tomlin. Leaving the goosebumps it gives aside lol, it’s a reminder of how perfect the LORD is in His ways and how we can always be sure that our lives can never be messed up when we give our lives wholly to Him. I found the “rapturing yourself” moment to be very funny too. I actually LOL. But truth is I’ve often wondered about that myself too but now you’ve made me understand that we’re still here so we can mature. Thank you for this and God bless!

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  2. Many thanks Will…
    These points you’ve listed are really crucial for us cos our living is centered on them. Would also love to emphasize on the 3rd, the need to recognise the family of God, its indeed a sure place of safety. The easiest way to get oneself killed is by standing alone. I’m so glad that I don’t stand alone, I’ve got family (God’s family) watching out for me. And our FATHER, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the WHOLE FAMILY in HEAVEN and on EARTH is named!

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  3. Hmmm. Saint Remi, really proud of the present you, and I love what the younger you allowed the older you see, cos it made the present you bear a brighter torch for the *Yous* to come.

    We are a package of identities to culminate unto an actual personality in synchronization with him who we are patterned after: CHRIST. Our journey in life is layered with leaflets of experience in coming to know what and who we really are.

    Reading this made me realize that I am not what experience made or suggests but what *The Pattern* reveals to me in Truth after I may have made several mistakes and fallen into pitfalls. By this, I don’t dwell on my inadequacies and falls but I press knowing that there is one who always has my back “guiding me safely in the way”. I believe we will arrive well cos he is a “Good good God, that’s who he is”.

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  4. There is a time for everything. May God help us not to over-live a stage in our lives. Pastor Okunnuga (of blessed memory) once said that God does not lead His children with searchlights. He leads us step by step. You know what you know now at the right time. Knowledge used is wisdom. The writeup is a BIRTHDAY CAKE. Thanks for sharing. Hayppy birthday. God bless you

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    • Thanks, Dad.
      I’ve heard mum quote those words too and time and time(as you’ve pointed out) again, I see the sincerity and truth in them. May God lead us more by and into His wisdom.
      Amen. Esé, Bàámi.


  5. Nice write up bro! Our mistakes are quite essential to our maturity cos we are meant to learn from them and move on. Keep going higher bro and let’s keep journeying together.

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  6. Thank you soo much for writing and posting this… It’s just in/on time. May your seeing never go dim and your hearing never go dull. Thanks


  7. Woah! Thanks Will Remi for this…they are indeed things we should have known, but still relevant for the now. God bless you bro for sharing.

    “Be ready for adventure with God, he is not boring”
    Guiding us safely in the way…


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